Associate Engineer

Last Edited : Jan 11, 2023

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Title: Associate Software Engineer

Scope: Task

Summary: Associate Engineer is our entry level for software engineers. The primary focus for an engineer at this level is to learn everything they need to learn in order to become an effective member of their team, to deliver value and support their product. We expect all Associate Engineers at Signal AI to show a positive trajectory towards Engineer, and generally expect people to progress within the course of 2 years.

Key Takeaway: As an Associate Engineer you’re learning everything you need to become an effective software engineer. By the time you get promoted, you’ll need to demonstrate the ability to deliver independently and be effectively contributing to your team’s delivery of their goals.

Influential Impact

  • Works on well-defined tasks and are supported by the team when they get stuck.
  • Learn about the value of pair programming in order to deliver high quality software.
  • Contributes to the team’s shared understanding and continuous improvement by actively participating in agile ceremonies.
  • Learn about the business needs your team works to address.

Technical Mastery

  • Has a strong focus on detail, writing clean, testable code and documentation.
  • Demonstrates progress in learning and using the programming languages used by their team.
  • Develops a solid understanding of their team’s development methodologies, including agile processes, use of version control, testing, and issue management.
  • Can contribute to continuous improvement through retrospectives.
  • Can produce appropriate software designs for low-complexity items.

Behavioural Approach

  • Actively participates in their team, asking questions and seeking coaching to increase their knowledge level.
  • Proactively communicates to their team what they are working on, why, how it’s going and what help they need.
  • Accept feedback gracefully and make changes in response to feedback received.
  • Ask for help rather than waiting to be approached.