Hiring Process - Engineers

Last Edited : Jun 01, 2022

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1. Talent Team - Review and Phone Call

If your cv mapped some of the basic requirements we had for the role you applied, one of our friendly colleagues in the talent team would have an introductory call with you for roughly 30 minutes. This will cover the role, our and your expectations plus our ways of working. If the talent manager thought that Signal AI would be a good fit for you, your application will proceed.

2. Engineering Team - First Stage and Coding Assessment

Now that the talent team were happy to sponsor your application, the engineering team will commence the selection process. Your cv will be evaluated against our needs and the feedback we received from your previous call. If all went well, you’d be invited to join a videocall with two members of our team for another 30 minutes.

In this call you would be part of a conversation where we’d like to understand why you wanted to join Signal AI. We’d dig a little bit more in your professional experience and tried to match if you would enjoy working alongside us. Yeap, that sounds tricky, but believe us when we say that we are really open minded here. We will also validate if we thought you had the minimum technical requirements for the role you were interested on.

We’d aim to get back to you in less than 48 business hours —this timeline applies to all stages—. If we felt there was potential in the application, we’d send you a simple exercise to be implemented at home with your preferred programming language. That’d be reviewed by a couple of engineers that would assess your code and rate it depending on the role you were looking to; e.g: if you were looking for an associate role, your code isn’t expected to be as the one from a senior, and vice-versa. We would expect for this code to be sent back to us after 5 days at most, but if you needed extra time, please reach out. Again, if successful, you’d be invited to the final stage.

3. Technical and Cultural Interview

Okay, the finish line is only two curves to the left now. This is the moment we were all waiting for.

The technical interview isn’t that different from the one you’d face in other places. You’d be pairing with a couple of folks from our team. Be mindful about explaining the steps you were taking, communication would be a key part here. Don’t think that your technical talents were going to be enough. Remember that pairing is a key part of our day to day, so you’d need to be happy to work that way.

During the cultural interview you’ll go through questions around your experience, your preferred ways of working, good projects, bad projects … pretty sure you’ve done this already at other places. Check our values before coming to this interview, we love for candidates to know about what we stand for. We won’t be asking you tricky questions, so relax and be yourself.

Remember, this whole process is set up to check if you and Signal AI were a good match to each other.

4. Offer

Woohoo! How lucky we were you applied!

The talent team will send you an offer that we’d hope for you to accept. You’d agree on a start date and would receive all the needed paperwork to sign.

Until joining you’d be more than welcome to reach us and ask as many questions as you needed to be answered. Also, if you wanted to pop over to meet your future colleagues, we’d be more than happy to accommodate that.

5. Rejection

Let’s face it, you might not reach the offer point. However, that doesn’t mean anything more than you and Signal AI weren’t the perfect match at this time. At every stage we always provide feedback around the areas we considered not to be a good match.

Your abilities might be incredibly valuable for a different place. We all come from different companies, with different experiences and, some times, those are better suited for some pastures we hadn’t explored yet.

If you were convinced to become a Signaller, our door won’t be closed. Though we’d highly recommend you to give yourself a little time —9 months— to apply again.