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Cross-functional teams

All our teams have a mixture of individuals with different capabilities. Product managers, software engineers, data scientists … they are all part of the same squad and they all have a role to play in the success of their team and the business.

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Product + Tech

Product engineering

Have you been in a business where product managers said one thing but engineers believed a different one? Well, we don’t foster that and we truly believe that for our teams to work well, everybody needs to have a say. That’s why engineers are not expected to just code, but to be product engineers. The closer you were to the functionality, the better you’d understand how to evolve it.

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Small but quick iterations

We truly believe that the key success is moving fast but with baby steps. So if we noticed our direction got diverted, we could redirect ourselves quicker to the path we wanted to take in the first place.

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Coding practices

Pair programming

Have we said that we truly believe in collaborative environments? Well, that for us means that two heads are gonna solve a problem better than one, plus it also helps on building up relationships, moreover when not sitting next to your team mates.

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More coding practices

Trunk based development

As part of our believe in lean processes, we use trunk based development as a strategy. That, in conjuction with pair programming, let us move at the pace we want but by reducing bureaucracy. Your code is merged and it’s delivered, that simple.

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You build it, you own it

In order to move fast there are risks that need to be taken. However, that doesn’t mean that we leave a greenfield to be a mine zone. As engineers we are expected to own the features we put in place. If something gets broken, who better to fix it than the people that built it in the first place? That doesn’t mean you are alone, there’s a full team behind you, but it means you take responsibility.

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Observability and maintenance

In the balance of testing and observability we are clearly heavier weighted on the latter. We use Prometheus and Grafana to monitor our systems and infrastructure. We also used logging and tracing systems to facilitate problem resolution.

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